Best Grill Brush in America in 2019

I come from a family of passionate grillers. A home where no occasion for a barbecue party was spared, and everyone joined the grilling revelry. A place where we learnt the maxim ‘Marinade-Grill-Clean-Repeat’ right alongside our rhymes. And a grandma, who’s favorite phrase was, “A brush in time, keeps the grill going fine”.

I spent my childhood in this environment, and so here I am, a stickler for clean grills and a hoarder of brushes. Being an ardent brush fan has made me a self-proclaimed expert on these grill brushes.

best grill brush

It is this knowledge that I’d like to share with you today, alongside my recommendations for the best bbq brushes available in the market today.

At a Glance: 7 Best BBQ Grill Brushes in America

  1. Great Scrape Woody Shovel
  2. CharGon Grill Grate Cleaner
  3. Kona Safe Clean Grill Brush
  4. Weber 6494 12 Inch 3-sided Brush
  5. GrillFloss
  6. Grillart Grill Brush and Scraper
  7. Alpha Grillers 18 Inch Grill Brush

Why should you clean your grill? Does it even matter?

I’ve seen some pretty nasty grills – the kinds with wedged meat particles from the 4th of July party grilling alongside the patties for the Labor Day event.

Just the thought of that makes me nauseous! That grossness apart, it DOES matter that your grill is cleaned regularly, and here’s why:

  1. Your generously oil/butter slathered piece of meat leaves some serious grease on the grill. With time, this grease can turn rancid and may impart a foul taste and smell to your food. What would you want your guests to smell when they take a whiff of your barbecued meat, the heavenly aroma or a revolting odor?
  2. Leaving a grill with food stuck on it is like sending an open invitation to the nasty, disease-carrying microbes. And we all know that party doesn’t end well for your friends and family!
  3. Notice that black crust on overused, unclean grills? No, that isn’t a mark of your serious grilling aptitude, but sign of a potential carcinogen. This black residue can have serious health implications if consumed. Certainly not the party favor you want?
  4. Cleaning the grill regularly enhances its longevity. It prevents the metal from corroding and rusting and aids smooth functioning. This, in turn, means you can save on the repair and replacement costs.
  5. If your grill has excessive flare-ups, then all that grime is likely the culprit. Excess grease and fat dripping from the grill are two major causes of the bbq flares.

Hopefully, you are convinced by now that you need a bbq brush in your arsenal. If you are, let’s look at few aspects you should keep in mind when you are out shopping.

Buying Guide – 8 Aspects to keep in mind

Brush Type

Who thought the modest bbq brush will have such a mind-boggling variety? The stores and online portals are replete with brush types, each with their own differentiating points. Let’s briefly look at some popular variants:

1. Bristled

This is the brush we have all grown up seeing and one that typically accompanies your expensive grills as a freebie. In the bristled brush world, you will find the classic brush that resembles a hairbrush and a second type that has wire bristles.

The first type has bristles jutting out from a hard base and will need some extra cleaning force. The second type threads the bristles to the wire frame, thereby increasing its maneuverability and helps you reach those tricky corners.

2. Bristle-less

Why would we need a brush sans the bristles?

Well, because these minute strands tend to cling to the grill and may sometimes make an unwanted appearance in your food. These strands are dangerous if swallowed and could land you straight from a party to the ER! Watch this video for more information:

The obvious solution is a brush minus the bristles. In these brushes, the wire is wound in a helical shape on the frame and hence there is no fear of particles ending up in your food. Yes, it does mean you will have to work a bit extra hard to reach those tricky spots, but that’s a small price to pay for health.

3. Automatic

Automatic brushes are still not a favorite with the most grillers, and that’s because they don’t work well. There is a good reason that there are so few of them in what is otherwise a crowded market.

While an automatic brush theoretically reduces the grueling force you have to apply, it isn’t very effective. These devices exert a fixed amount of force which may not be enough to scour the hard grime. Plus, most automatic brushes cannot be used on hot grills.

My honest recommendation – skip them.

4. Scrubber

This isn’t technically a brush, but it does a great job at cleaning the grill. It is the same kind you use on your utensils; a mesh made of nylon or stainless steel. The scrubber is easy to handle and can be used on most surfaces.

5. Scraper

Finally, you have grill cleaning tools that are designed like a scraper. These tools are typically made of steel or wood and can be very effective at cleaning the hard grime. We will cover some that we think are really good in this category.


There is a wide spectrum of materials that are used to make typical bbq brushes. Each material has its pros and cons. Determine what works for you and your grill with this guide:

1. Nylon

The most commonly available and softest bristle type, nylon brushes are excellent when used with a cleaning solution/detergent. Yes, you will have to apply more force compared to most other brushes, but they are kind to your grill’s protective coating.

These brushes work particularly well for me as I clean my grill regularly and so I don’t have to deal with stubborn grease. But remember that these cannot be used on a hot grill.

2. Brass

The stiff nature of a brass brush means that it makes cleaning easier and less strenuous on your muscles. It also gives you the freedom to clean your grill whilst it’s still hot so that you can remove the grease more easily. Overall, it is more capable than a nylon brush but requires some maintenance since brass begins to corrode if not cleaned properly.

3. Stainless steel

This is the material of choice for most when it comes to grill brushes. I like it because it is easy to maintain, rust-resistant, and can be used on hot grills and works well with detergents too! The only drawback? It is not a good choice for grills with protective coatings as it tends to strip them away.

4. Wood

Yes, wooden brushes do exist and do a fine (may I say great) job at grill cleaning. More like a spatula than a brush, they are particularly useful in scraping off the slime from your charred grill. They can be used on hot grills too and leave behind no harmful residues on the surface.

If you are confused, the golden rule is to use stainless steel brushes only on grills made of stainless steel or cast iron. For all other grills, like porcelain or enamel, use a brass, wooden or a nylon brush.


The brush being my favorite accessory, I’ve developed a knack for paying attention to the smallest detail. The brush length is one such crucial yet overlooked aspect.

The length determines the ease of movement, the force needed, and the area covered. A smaller brush will give you a better control and may allow you to apply more pressure, but you risk burning your hand on the hot grill. A brush too long and you won’t have a good grip.

Having burnt my hands (literally) and discarded many brushes after one use, I’ve settled for lengths between 14-19 inches (i.e. the overall length of brush including the head). I have found that a brush in this range allows me to clean the grill while it’s still hot without me feeling the heat on my hands and doesn’t have too bad a grip.

Though to be honest, in my home, you will find the short, the medium as well as the long brush because I like to use each for different purposes. But, if you have to go for just one, for sure go for one that’s longer than 12″.

Safety & Quality of Bristles

Do you notice a significant price difference in what are otherwise two similar looking brushes?

Well, the bristle quality is probably the reason.

Be mindful that bristles which remain lodged in the grill can pose a health danger. Therefore, ensure the bristle quality is top notch when you buy a brush. If you are not sure, we recommend that you go for a bristle-less brush as it is equally effective in cleaning, minus the ingestion risks.

If you want a traditional choice, there’s no harm in sticking to the bristle brush, but replace it at the first signs of degeneration. You could run your own test by tugging at the bristles. If they don’t relent with a hard tug, they are probably going to stay solid on the brush during cleaning.

Also, remember never to leave a brush in the sun as it may loosen the bristles.


Sturdiness is an important factor as a brush with a flimsy handle is likely to break when you are using force for cleaning those hard deposits. In addition, get something with an ergonomic handle design.

Can You Hang It

I can already see you nodding your head! Being able to hand kitchen and BBQ accessories is amongst those underappreciated comforts that are actually so important.

Imagine, no opening drawers or frantic searches for things, just reach out and pluck the brush off the wall.

Hanging a brush also ensures all the water is drained off every single time so you won’t have to worry about drying the brushes before storing them.

Avoid Nylon or Plastic near the cleaning zone

Heat melts plastic. The equation is actually quite simple, but sometimes in our cleaning frenzy, we end up ignoring it and the end result is a damaged brush and plastic-coated grates.

If you are keen on buying a nylon brush, then remember that you can only use them on cool grills. Most other materials are good to go on hot/warm racks.

Again, the safe choice is to own a brush with wooden or steel handle as both these materials are sturdier and are unaffected by heat, except that steel might get hot to touch.

Keep it Simple & Skip Fancy Designs

Most of the jazzy, feature loaded brushes flooding the market leave me unimpressed. And frankly most of them don’t work that well.

For e.g, there are these two-in-one kinds that come with two separate heads. Great in theory but the practical usage makes it tough to use even one brush effectively due to the interference by the other head. Then there are these automatic versions which, in my opinion, are glorified versions of electric toothbrushes.

You will find plenty more with many fancy attachments but take my word for it and stay away. Stick to a simple, sturdy brush with good quality bristles (or go bristleless) and replace it regularly. That should suffice even for expert pitmasters.

Our Recommendations for the Best BBQ Grill Brushes

1. Great Scrape Woody Shovel – Best Wooden Cleaner

great scrape woody shovel

The Great Scrape Woody Shovel from the house of Thompson Brothers & Company, is my personal favorite BBQ cleaner.

And why not? It is everything a durable, safe and efficient brush should be. I call it my ‘magic wand’ courtesy it’s almost surreal cleaning abilities and the fact that it doesn’t look like your typical brushes in any way.

The 20″ long Woody Shovel is created using solid hardwood Red Oak and Beech woods, and is treated with natural and food-safe mineral oil to prevent the scraper from drying. Since it is food safe, I also sometimes end up using it as a spatula to turn or remove the patties from the grill.

The breadth of 4.75″ x .75″, along with the long handle results in a superb grip and you can really get down to the task of scraping all that gunk right off. The length is also perfect for you to slay the grill dragon while it still breathes fire, and without getting your hands blistered in the process.

  • Performance - 90/100
  • Build Quality - 95/100
  • Safety - 95/100

The truly magical and enjoyable part about my wand is its initiation process:

Step 1 – Turn up the heat on your grill and get it nice and hot. The hotter the grill, the easier would it be for grooves to take shape.

Step 2 – Scrape the Woody back and forth with firm pressure on this hot grill. You will notice that the smooth front end of the scraper begins to burn, and grooves begin taking shape. Continue to scrape till you see that a nice firm set of grooves have been formed. Or stop and repeat the process later.

Don’t be worried about burning the scraper too much because the grooves will not exceed the pre-defined length.

And the post-cleaning part is a cake walk too. Just wipe the brush clean with a soft cloth and you are done!

Watch this scraper in action here:

However, while the all natural, no bristle appeal is attractive, the scraper sadly cannot be used on grates with cross-bar designs. Now that’s a bummer because some grills manufacturers have introduced the crossbar grates off late. Also, you need to be patient with the grooves since they take time to form completely.

Also, if you have more than one grill, remember that you won’t be able to use the same shovel on different sized grates as the grooves are unique for each grate size.

Finally, Great Scrape Woody Shovel isn’t alone and has 3 other variants in same family:

  1. The Woody Nub,
  2. Woody Paddle, and
  3. Woody Pro

The Nub is the cheapest and shortest of the three and is ideal for travel and outdoor camping.

The Paddle is next in line and measures 18 inches and doesn’t have a hole in the handle, unlike the Shovel. This is a fact you wouldn’t notice until you get used to the comfort it provides when gripping. So, if you are aiming at a lower price range than the Shovel, this makes for a good buy.

And then comes the Woody Pro. It is a true griller’s delight because it comes with replacement tips that can be used on different grills.

You can check all these models here.

Want in on another tip?

You can personalize all these brushes with your name! I intend to use this personalization to surprise my dad at our next family grilling session!

Overall, Woody Shovel is my recommendation as the best cleaner you can buy for your grills, especially considering the safety aspect.


  • Made with a natural, food-safe material.
  • Easy maintenance.
  • Long lasting.
  • Personalized cleaning for your grill.


  • Cannot be used on cross bar barbecues.
  • One brush can only be used on one grill.

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2. CharGon Grill Grate Cleaner – Best Scraper

chargon grill grate cleaner

Now if you saw the CharGon Grill Grate Cleaner lying amongst cleaning brushes, you would probably be intrigued by its unusual shape. But this knife-like tool with an angled tip might just be the tool you need to teach that stubborn grease a tough lesson!

Featuring a patented angled tip with contoured sides that are attached to a beautiful rosewood handle, the CharGon is the epitome of simplicity. The scraper can be used on hot grills and with a length of 16 inches it keeps you at a safe distance from the heat.

chargon features

The makers claim it has been performance-tested for 500 cleanings. The four, strong looking rivets on the handle mean that the stainless-steel tip is sturdily fixed and won’t fall off if I clean too vigorously. Add the rust-proof stainless steel to that, and you have a tool that will probably last for years!

  • Performance - 90/100
  • Build Quality - 95/100
  • Safety - 95/100

A cool thing about the CharGon is that I don’t have to completely remove the grates to clean them thoroughly. Since it wraps itself around the grate, it is possible to get on the undersides of the grates with ease. And with a bit of practice in getting the right angle, you will find the tool extremely handy.

However, know that while the u-angle of the tip helps me meticulously scrape off the charred bits from the top, sides, and bottom with relative ease, it comes with the drawback of you being able to do only one grate at a time. This will slow down your cleaning process. To think of it, tidying up with the CharGon might be more of a Sunday cleaning drill than a regular affair for most people.

Overall, the tool is a perfect solution for reaching those tough corners, and I’m quite satisfied with its performance. Don’t leave it exposed to the sun and rain though.

Another common user complaint with CharGon is that it cannot be used with a detergent. I don’t find that as a big issue as I clean my grates with soapy water quite frequently. To be fair to its distractors though, just having the CharGon cleaner may not be enough, but when you use it alongside a brush, it becomes an invincible cleaning combo!


  • Efficient for round grills
  • Durable stainless steel
  • Cleans the underside without lifting the grates
  • Contoured angle makes cleaning easy
  • Safe to use
  • Easy to clean


  • Time-consuming
  • Hard on porcelain/coated grates

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3. GrillFloss – Another Great Scraper

If there was an award for innovation in grill brushes, the GrillFloss would be an ideal contender and a potential winner. If you can’t tell, I am genuinely impressed by how thought through their product design is. Clearly, they have done a thorough consumer research.

The GrillFloss is a stainless-steel bar with a hook-like attachment at one end secured with a strong screw. Since there is no wood or plastic involved and the stainless steel generally stays rust-free, the brush does not need any maintenance.

If it is indeed made with 304 Stainless Steel as the makers say, then this cleaner is going to be around for decades. For those who aren’t aware, 304 Stainless Steel is a non-magnetic and highly corrosion-resistant alloy mix.

  • Performance - 95/100
  • Build Quality - 95/100
  • Safety - 95/100

Now the tool is true to its name; it is indeed like a giving your grill a floss. Once you wrap the hook end around a grate, you have to pull it towards yourself, and all the black char gets scraped off.

You might want to compare it to the CharGon, but the difference is that the GrillFloss has a c-shaped end (unlike the U shaped one of the CharGon) and hence cleans the underside of the grate more efficiently. I can personally guarantee that this tool truly gives your grates a 360 degree clean up!

GrillFloss comes with a dual cleaning head which can be changed (by unscrewing) depending upon the grill width, so in a way one GrillFloss fits all.

At 23 inches the length is more than adequate and leaves no scope of feeling the heat from the grill. If you like to postpone the cleaning till after your grill has cooled down, you will find that this tool works equally well on cold racks.

Wondering what’s the catch? It is the time taken to painstakingly push, turn and pull the device on each individual grate. The results are worth it, but you may want to retain that traditional brush in your cleaning kitty too for quick scrapes. Again, like the CharGon, this scraper can only be used on round grills.

If you visit the official site you will find a list of the premium grill making brands from Weber to Kamodo Joe that the scraper can safely be used on.


  • 360 degrees cleaning of grates.
  • Easy to use.
  • No wires or bristles.
  • Low maintenance.
  • Long lasting.
  • Two heads to suit small or large grill diameter.


  • Only cleans one grate at a time.
  • Meant for round grills only.

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4. Kona Safe/Clean Grill Brush – Good Bristle Free Grill Brush

kona safe clean grill brush

My personal preference for a bristle-less brush led me to try out a few, and the Kona Bristle Free Grill Brush is probably the best of them all. With three brushes forming the brush head of this tool and a width of 4×10 inches, it looks like an intimidating foe for the grill residue.

The stiff and rigid brush is surprisingly lightweight and gets along well with all kinds of grate coatings. The makers claim that it lasts five times longer than a regular brush and is also a 125% more rigid than them. Well, it does look sturdy and it is definitely built well!

The steel wires on the brush head are wound around in a tight spiral to form a mesh-like structure. This leaves no loose wires and eliminates the chances of finding wire pieces stuck to your grates (i.e. if you replace the brush when the time comes).

Being stainless steel and rust resistant, the wires aren’t going to rust. Despite being made of tough metal, the brush head is soft to touch and won’t cut your fingers.

Overall88/100starstarstarstarhalf star
  • Performance - 95/100
  • Build Quality - 85/100
  • Safety - 85/100

The length of the brush is 17.5 inches, which is perfect for cleaning hot grills. The handle is made with plastic and is not too broad, but due to the its length, you can easily use it with one or both hands depending upon how much cleaning force you need.

As they say, to give your grill a thorough clean, strike when the metal is hot! A hot grill, a bowl of water and this brush are all you need.

Each time you dip the brush in water and run it over your hot grill, the heat speeds up the process of loosening the residue. The result is a clean as well as a disinfected grill.

But you have to be careful to ensure that the brush gets an effective contact with the grates.

I found the brush to be slightly rigid, this will be an obvious shortcoming when dealing with those tricky corners.

The most amusing part about this brush will have to be its ten-year warranty. A decade? For a brush? Well, at least it is something that is a good surprise.


  • Three brush head.
  • Stainless steel and rust proof.
  • Can be used on all types of grills.
  • Good handle length.
  • No sharp edges.
  • 10 year guarantee.


  • Will require constant inspection due to presence of wires.
  • Price.

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5. Weber 6494 12 Inch 3-sided Brush – Good Budget Choice from a Trusted Manufacturer

Weber 6494 cleaning brush

Weber is a name to reckon with when it comes to grilling equipment and accessories. However, it’s not the brand name but the genuinely great products they have put up year after year, brushes being no exception.

The Weber 6494 is a petite 12 inches, not the length I’d initially recommended, but an exception due to its overall efficacy. The brush is a boon for small grills given its width of 0.75 x 1.25 inches and will help you clean your grill in record time.

Overall87/100starstarstarstarhalf star
  • Performance - 90/100
  • Build Quality - 85/100
  • Safety - 85/100

The stainless steel, rust-free brush is 3-sided – which means that as you tackle one grate, the sides (and the undersides) of the adjoining grates will also get a cleaning scrub. For a more concentrated side action, just tilt the brush, and the side bristles will remove the grease.

The bristles are short and appear well wedged into the spiral steel core. But I would still recommend caution while cleaning and a frequent brush replacement because you simply cannot take a chance with loose steel bristles.

The small size does leave wrists and hands prone to the heat, but the enhanced maneuverability is fantastic. I can reach all the corners with considerable ease and easily control the cleaning pressure. I generally wear gloves while using this brush.

The handle is made of plastic but seems durable and sturdy overall. The construction is such that it has the some flex to absorb the vigorous pressure without giving in completely.

There is a sling at the end that can be used to hang the brush on your barbecue stand or in the kitchen after use. The compact size also makes it easy for me to carry it on camping trips and give the grill a quick scrub between meals.

Although Weber claims that it can be used on all types of grills including porcelain and ceramic, I’d exert caution and double check with the grill manual before using it.

If you are impressed by the brush but not the size, Weber also has a 21 inch model of the same brush. Check out the official Weber website for more details.


  • Good quality of bristles.
  • Easy maneuverability.
  • Great for small grills.


  • Need to use gloves on hot grills.
  • Wire bristles.

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6. Grillart Grill Brush and Scraper

grillart grill brush and scraper

A brush and a scraper together? Does that mean one tool less in my cleaning box? Is it practical or just a fancy gimmick? Just some of the questions in my mind, when I first saw the formidable looking Grillart Grill Brush and Scraper.

This cool cleaning accessory is an 18-inch bristle brush with an attached scraper. The handle is made with non-slip plastic and has a hook attached at the end for hanging.

The brand has traded the usual width associated with brushes for some extra length. As a result, you have a rectangular brush that covers more area vertically than horizontally. Overall too, with dimensions of 18x3x4 inches, this covers more of your grill space compared to others.

The scraper is a small piece attached atop the brush head and has a cut on each side that latches on to the grate and scrapes the sides. The brush head has not one, but three brushes packed densely together. The stainless-steel bristles are embedded in a tightly rotated wire and jut out in all directions to offer comprehensive cleaning in one stroke. Perhaps that’s the reason the makers claim it cleans 5 times faster than your regular brush.

Overall83/100starstarstarstarhalf star
  • Performance - 90/100
  • Build Quality - 85/100
  • Safety - 75/100

The brush can safely be used on gas, charcoal, smoker, porcelain, infrared grill as well as the Foreman and Weber Grills. Use the same steam cleaning method (dipping the brush in water and running it over a hot grill) and clean the grill section by section.

Considering the density of the bristles and the overall design, this brush seems like a good buy. However, despite the manufacturer’s assertion about the bristle strength and that they won’t come loose easily, I would still clean my grill with a moist cloth afterwards, just to be entirely sure.

Overall, the brush does a decent job of deep cleansing your grill and if you aren’t happy with the product, you can avail of the 100% money back guarantee offered by the manufacturers. I haven’t felt the need to use that guarantee yet, but just in case you want to, it is good to know that option is available!


  • 3 brush head and scraper in one.
  • Long and sturdy handle.
  • Tightly wedged bristles.
  • Safe for all grills.
  • Price.


  • Bristles may lodge in your food.

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7. Alpha Grillers 18″ Grill Brush

alpha grillers 18 grill brush

When my eyes locked onto this brush, I knew I have discovered a sturdy beast. 3-in-1 brushes seem to be a trend these days, and this model further feeds into that trend. But is this brush really capable of staying true to all the rave ratings it has been getting? Let’s see.

At a more than sufficient length of 17.5 inches, the brush ticks my foremost criteria of being able to clean hot grills. The handle is sturdy and non-slippery and allows the use of two hands for extra scrubbing power. Also, the thoughtful loop at the end makes the brush easy to store.

The manufacturer’s claim that it cleans three times the area of a regular brush, given the ample size of 2.95 x 3.54 in, can be safely refuted. Make no mistake, I am not saying that those dimensions are bad, its just that better options exist out there.

Overall83/100starstarstarstarhalf star
  • Performance - 90/100
  • Build Quality - 85/100
  • Safety - 75/100

The dense, rust-free bristles are stacked together firmly which allows for better scouring. While the bristles are hard on the grime, they will not harm the porcelain grates of your gas, charcoal, rotisserie or smoker barbecue. So, feel free to use it on any type of grill.

I found the brush construction quite sturdy and the brush head effective on stubborn spots. Don’t expect a clean underside though since the bristles cannot reach there as effectively as a scraper can. A brush cannot do what a scraper does and vice-versa and hence it’s best to get both.

The price and quality of this brush are a good match and I would recommend it as a safe choice if you are looking for a bristled brush.

Like the Grillart Grill Brush, this one too has a lifetime 100% money back guarantee if you aren’t happy with its performance. If you happen to order on the manufacturer’s website, they will also send a cookbook with 30 recipes with the brush. You can watch a detailed tutorial here:


  • Sturdy built.
  • Long handle.
  • Compatible with porcelain grills.
  • Dense bristles.
  • Price.


  • Stainless steel bristles.

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In case you are looking for a slightly cheaper brush, you may also go for the Best BBQ Grill Brush. The wired bristles, strong brush head, and overall design are similar to the Alpha, and the makers are offering a one-year warranty as well.

3 Frequently Asked Questions

How to clean your grill brush?

Yes, the cleaner needs to be cleaned too. Whoever said grilling was all munch and no punch?

The brushes which pull away the filth from your grill tend to retain the food and other particles in their bristles. All the effort spent cleaning the grill wouldn’t amount to much if the brush keeps pouring back its own grunge onto the grates.

To clean it, dip the brush head down in a deep vessel filled with some dish soap and warm water. Let it soak for a few minutes and then gently rub it with a toothbrush or a nail brush to slide off the dirt. Once done, hang the brush upside down to get rid of excess water.

To make your brush last long, always keep it in a dry place away from the sun and rain. But once it has lived past its shelf life, please replace it immediately.

How to check if it’s time to replace your brush.

You should know when it’s time to replace your brush. I can’t stress it enough and it particularly holds true if you are using a wire bristle brush.

Here is how you can check your brush:

  • Physical Appearance: This is easiest albeit not the best way to know it’s time to say goodbye to your old brush. Easy because the frayed wires and the rusted look is a dead giveaway. But this isn’t the best way because the brush can still be shedding bristles even if it doesn’t look obviously damaged. Another reason to throw the brush away would be if you see grime and grease build-up that can’t be removed. These build ups attract germs and reduce the efficacy of the brush.
  • Tugging Test: The tugging test checks the strength of the bristles and their ability to cling on when you scrub a grill. Just take a pair of pliers or tweezers and give the bristles a hard pull. If they come right off, then they are a threat to your food and health and you should replace the brush immediately.

Some helpful tips on cleaning your grill

  • Cast iron grates are prone to rusting if you don’t take good care of them. They need to be oiled and scraped regularly. If the corrosion process has already begun, then steel wool/sandpaper and hot water are your aides. Learn more about cast iron grill maintenance here
  • Porcelain grates tend to be sensitive to harsh scrubbing and can easily chip. It is best to follow the cleaning instructions on the manual or stick to a nylon brush as they are softer.
  • Most popular stainless-steel grates are rust free and do not need any extra precautions while cleaning. You can use any type of brush and follow the standard method of scraping, soaking and rinsing to get a sparkling grill. Avoid using any bleach cleaner though.

5 cleaning hacks that will serve you well

Below is a collection of hacks – ones I have learnt from my grandmother and my own years of experience and experiments:

  • Hot Does It – It is a well-known fact that hot grills clean best. The reason is that the heat loosens the grease and the grime and makes it easier to swoosh it off. Therefore, cleaning your grill a few minutes after the cooking session is the easiest way to keep it neat.
  • Onion Makes It Cry – That’s right, rubbing an onion on the grill is the most harmless method to get rid of the muck. Cut an onion in half; stick it on a fork and swipe on hot grates. This video shows how it’s done –

  • The Foil Ball – Aluminum foils are ubiquitous. Even if you aren’t a regular griller, there will be one lying around the kitchen. Pick it up, crumple it into a ball and have a go at that dirty grill. It’s the best alternative in the absence of a brush.
  • Vinegar sprinkles – Make a concoction of half part water and half part vinegar and spray over the grates. Leave this to rest for 10 minutes. Spray some undiluted vinegar over your brush and watch that grease give in.
  • Grill Mats – This is more of a precautionary hack than a cleaning one. Made out of fiberglass cloth and PTFE (Polytetrafluoroethylene), a grill mat sits on your grates, and you can place the food on it for barbecuing. This way the food doesn’t come in touch at all with the grates. I’m not sure though if you would enjoy your meat without those cool grill marks!

Final Thoughts

I sincerely hope that this article helps you figure out your right cleaning tool so you can keep your grill clean and sparkling.

I have tried my best to cover all the great brushes out there in the market, but if you feel I have missed something or if you would like to share your experience with our readers, then please drop a comment.

And as always, if you find this post helpful, please share it with your grilling buddies!

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