Best Small Grills in America

You are probably an avid griller, but sometimes you just won’t have enough space in your backyard for a traditionally sized grill. It could be because you are living in an apartment or because your patio is not that large. But these constraints don’t mean that you can’t enjoy what you love so much (i.e., BBQing).

best small grills

Indeed, there are many small grills out there that won’t need as much space as a traditional grill. Some of them are great, and as it always happens, some are mediocre.

In this guide, I will help you choose the right small grill. I will help you with some model recommendations and will cover what you should look for while evaluating a purchase.

At a Glance: My Recommendations

  1. Weber Genesis II E-210 – Best Small Gas Grill
  2. Char-Broil Classic 280 – Runner-up, Small Gas Grills
  3. Fuego Element F21C – Best Super-Compact Gas Grill
  4. KamadoJoe KJ13RH Joe Jr – Best Small Charcoal Grill
  5. Char Griller Akorn Jr Kamado Kooker – Best Budget Small Charcoal Grill
  6. Weber 741001 Original Kettle 22-Inch – Another Great Budget Choice
  7. Weber Q 2400 – Best Electric Grill
  8. Char-Broil TRU Infrared Patio Bistro – Runner-up, Best Electric Grill
  9. George Foreman GGR50B – Best Cheap Electric Grill

Buying Guide – Some things you should keep in mind

Local Laws & Regulations

Before you get a BBQ grill, consider if your local regulations allow you to do so.

It’s a harsh reality, but many municipalities and apartment associations will have strict regulations on grilling and BBQing activities. Preventing fires is typically the primary reason behind these rules and let’s accept it, BBQing in small spaces can cause fires unless you are careful.

As an example, Virginia bans Charcoal and other open flame grills on wooden balconies or patios. Similarly, New York bans Charcoal BBQs on balconies or rooftops. And so on. Check your local authority’s website for similar regulations.

Also, check your condo or the apartment association bylaws. If you are renting, talk to your landlord before you get a grill home. Make sure that you know which grill you can get and which you can’t before you start shopping.

Fuel Type

One of the first things you have to consider before you get your grill is the fuel type you want. There are three main grill types and four main fuel choices. Let’s look at the pros and cons of each one of these options:

1. Charcoal

A lot of old-timers prefer a charcoal grill over everything else. A charcoal grill may not offer the same level of convenience as let’s say gas or an electric grill but it provides something that no other grill type does – the hallowed smoky flavor.

These grills are known for their ability to cook the meat slowly and lowly. This slow but continuous heat exposure helps the meat retain its tenderness and infuse them with that hallowed smoky flavor.

Charcoal grills are also amongst the cheapest and typically won’t weigh as much as other grills. But know that these grills are messy. They need a fair bit of cleaning once you are done with your BBQ and are prone to flare-ups. It is also harder to hold steady temperatures with charcoal, and you will either need an expensive grill or an experienced cook at the helm to regulate temperatures at will.

Finally, these grills are fire hazards because of the possibility of unextinguished coals. For that reason alone, they are not allowed by the most apartment and condo associations. Make sure that you have done your research from that perspective before you get one.

2. Gas (Propane/LPG or Natural Gas)

Gas grills are almost a mirror reflection of the Charcoal grills. They are easy to start, and unlike their Charcoal counterparts, even the cheapest can hold a steady temperature for a long time. It is also considerably easier to regulate the temperature in a gas grill. They are easier to clean too as you don’t have to deal with the crumbled briquettes and the soot.

Gas grills are relatively pricier, but their biggest flaw is the lack of flavor. Most gas grills can’t add the smoky flavor that the Southern BBQ is known for. Though it may not matter to you if all you do is to cook burgers and hot dogs. Your meat will still taste like meat, and a gas grill is good to go if you don’t care about that smoky flavor much. Also, note that some high-end gas grills provide for other means of adding the smoky flavor.

The fact is that despite many of them lacking the ability to enthuse meat with smoky flavor, the gas grills outsell charcoal grills by a mile. And there is a good reason for that – control and convenience trump whatever flavor advantages charcoal grills have.

Regarding fuel, you can choose either Propane or Natural gas, and most gas grills will have dual models catering to both types. Propane typically comes in tanks while the natural gas needs to be piped from the station to your home.

In my view, propane is a better choice for small spaces. Yes, natural gas is cleaner and cheaper, but it incurs a higher upfront setup cost and isn’t a good fit for constrained areas.

3. Electricity

Electric grills are the third major grill type you will encounter while doing your research. They have gained a fair bit of popularity in recent times as they are beginner friendly, safe and economical.

You can turn them on in an instant (only need to plug it in) and they will need no more than a couple of minutes to heat up completely. Electricity is typically a cheaper fuel than Charcoal or Gas and generates no fumes or smoke.

Electric grills are best suited for indoor use. They tend to be smaller than equivalent charcoal and gas grills and are an excellent choice for small and constrained spaces. There is little to no fire hazard with an electric grill, and most apartment & condo associations will allow it. Electric grills don’t produce any smoke and hence don’t natively add that smoky flavor.

If you are confused, which grill type to go by, Electric is the safest choice while Charcoal is my preferred choice. Gas grills are in-between and offer a balance of performance and convenience.

Grill Footprint

Those who have spacious backyards or are out on a ranch can go with whatever sized grill they want. But, if you need to fit a BBQ inside an apartment or a small patio, you need to pay attention to how much space you have and what’s the grill footprint that your residence can actually support.

Ensure that you can accommodate your grill’s wingspan before you get it home. Provide for the fact that a grill should be at least 2 feet away from the walls and any other combustible materials. Accommodate for people moving around too. Finally, plan for a table or shelf near-by your grill as you will need it to keep your utensils and food items.

Cooking Area

How much do you plan to grill at once? Depending upon the answer to that question, you should carefully consider the cooking area you need.

Cooking area refers to the amount of surface area available for your burgers and steaks and is measured in square inches. Also, consider the number of burners that you will need. A typical two burner grill will have about 300-400 square inches of cooking area and is about sufficient for an average household.

As a rule of thumb, an average burger will take about 20 square inches of space so a 2-burner grill is good for about four people while a three burner grill will serve between 6 and 8. If you plan to grill for more, buy a grill with more number of burners and a higher cooking area.

Build Quality

You always want to get a grill with reasonable build quality. If your grill is going to be exposed to weather or moisture, pay particular attention to its rust resistance. A well-made appliance should easily last you more than five to ten years.

Know that it is relatively common for grills to advertise a stainless steel body, but when you look into details, you will find them using a low grade thin stainless steel that will rust soon. So pay attention to the details.


Perhaps, there is no better sign of a grill’s quality than the warranty it comes with. More often than not, higher and more comprehensive the warranty, greater is the manufacturer’s confidence in the quality of their products.

However, again pay attention to the details. Some grills boast of a ten-year warranty, but the terms exclude everything but the lid. It is certainly not better than a 2-year comprehensive warranty that covers everything.

As far as possible, do not buy from an unknown brand. This grill is going to stay with you for years and assume that you will need some repairs and spare parts over its lifespan. You don’t want to wonder about whom to contact when you indeed need some service.


More often than not, small grills and accessories don’t go hand in hand. But that doesn’t mean that you have to make do without any perks. Timers, Brushes, Meat Thermometers, Grill Baskets, Insulated Gloves, grill starters, grill lights, and covers are all useful and enhance your grilling experience.

Think about your specific situation and what accessories would you need and then check the choices you have for the grill you are considering.

Our Recommendations – Best Small Grills

Let us now look at some small grill models that I recommend. I will suggest three models each of gas, charcoal, and electric grills and depending upon your exact situation; you should definitely find what’s right for you from amongst these choices.

But let me know if you have a specific need that I don’t cover in this guide and I will be happy to make another recommendation.

Best Small Gas Grills

1. Weber Genesis II E-210 – Best Small Gas Grill

weber genesis ii e 210

Genesis II E-210 is Weber’s smallest model in their Genesis lineup. But even with its small size, it brings some great features that you would typically expect from a much bigger grill.

Weber is traditionally known for their excellent craftsmanship, and this model is no different. The cookbox is made of cast aluminum while the handles, the control panel, and the work areas are made of stainless steel. The overall weight is about 140 pounds, and the grill looks durable enough that it should last many years.

The dimensions are 45 inches by 47 inches by 29 inches. There are two stainless steel burners, and this grill can go as high as 26000 BTUs. It provides for 380 square inches of cooking area and 114 square inches of tuck-away warming rack area. It should be enough for most small to mid-sized groups.

We talked about how most gas grills can’t add that smoky flavor, but Weber tries to solve for this by providing the flavorizer bars. These bars catch the food drippings and add a bit of flavor that you can’t usually get from gas grills.

The cooking grates are made of porcelain-coated cast iron and make for some impressive grill marks. The grease doesn’t accumulate or stick on these grates and can be easily wiped down post cooking.

Further, the grease management system forces the grease into a central drip pan which both reduces the risk of flare-ups as well as makes removal of fat a breeze as all you need to do is to remove the catch pan.

Overall86/100starstarstarstarhalf star
  • Performance - 85/100
  • Build Quality - 95/100
  • Value for Money - 70/100
  • Warranty - 95/100

Infinity ignition makes starting the grill beginner friendly, and you only need to turn a knob to kick-start the BBQing. There are six hooks and a fold-down side table that can be used to place your food items and utensils. Further, because of the open design, you can store your barbecue accessories just below the grease pan too.

For those who want the latest and the greatest, the Genesis series is compatible with iGrill3. If you don’t know what iGrill3 is, it’s a digital thermometer that sends data to Weber’s iGrill app. It can help you monitor multiple pieces of meat simultaneously, and an app notification will tell you when the food has reached its perfect temperature for each of those.

Overall, I think that the Genesis E210 is an excellent grill for just about anyone. It’s durable and versatile, and the build quality is excellent. It also reflects in the fact that it comes with a 10-year Weber warranty.

If you want a gas grill, you can’t go wrong with this model.


  • Great Performance
  • Plenty of Storage Space
  • iGrill3 Compatible


  • Expensive

Click to Check Price on Amazon

If you don’t want to pay as much as a Genesis II E210 costs but want same Weber quality, check Weber Spirit E210.

Spirit E210 has slightly reduced cooking area and doesn’t look as pretty as the Genesis model. The warming rack is stand-alone instead of a fold-away warming rack. The rest of it is almost equally amazing.

2. Char-Broil Classic 280 – Runner-up, Small Gas Grills

char broil classic 280

If you don’t need all the bells and whistles that the Webers provide, Char-Broil Classic 280 is another decent choice. Right at the outset, this grill won’t have many fancy features, but it is a reasonable choice if all you are looking for is a basic propane grill.

There are two stainless-steel burners, and the grill can produce up to 20,000 BTUs of heat. There is an optional side-burner that produces another 8,000 BTUs. The piezo ignition system is push-button and is beginner friendly. The pre-heating should not take more than a couple of minutes.

The grill provides about 280 square inches of cooking area and should allow you to cook up to 10-12 burgers at a time. It is a good fit for 3-5 member group.

The design is simplistic and may remind you of those older classical grills. The firebox, the lid, and the grates are made of porcelain coated steel. Note that the steel isn’t as effective at distributing heat when compared to a cast-iron grate and there may be some uneven hotspots with this grill.

Cleaning, on the other hand, is quite easy. As the grates are porcelain coated, all you need to do is to wipe them down. Further, a drip tray collects all the fat, and you can easily detach it to remove same.

Overall80/100starstarstarstarempty star
  • Performance - 78/100
  • Build Quality - 70/100
  • Value for Money - 90/100
  • Warranty - 85/100

There are two foldable metal shelves (or one if you go for the model with the side-burner) for you to place to your food and utensils. Side hooks are available and can be used to hang the grilling tools.

The overall unit weighs just about 37.5 pounds, but this lesser weight shows in the construction quality that doesn’t seem very sturdy. It is, however, a compact grill and measures 16.9 by 26 by 17.7 inches with its shelves closed. It should be relatively portable and easy to store.

Surprisingly, there is no built-in thermometer as such, and you will have to pick one separately. There is no warming rack too. This unit isn’t exactly easy to assemble as none of the parts come pre-assembled. Depending upon how comfortable you are with grill assemblies, it may take you anywhere from 60 minutes to 2 days.

The warranty on this grill is three-fold, the firebox and the lid are covered for 2-years while the burners are covered for 5-years. All other parts have a 1-year warranty.

You should consider this grill if you want a basic, no-nonsense, budget-friendly propane grill.


  • Value for Money
  • Excellent Heat Output
  • Small Footprint


  • Not as Sturdy
  • Uneven Heating

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3. Fuego Element F21C – Best Super-Compact Gas Grill

fuego element f21c

If space is truly a concern, Fuego Element F21C is a great grill to have. It was designed by Rober Brunner who was Apple’s former chief designer. And it shouldn’t come as a surprise that this is one good looking grill.

This grill looks more like a rocket than a grill and has a small footprint – it is just about 21 inches in diameter and 46 inches in height. Despite this, it offers 346 square inches of the cooking area which is enough to cook 12 burgers simultaneously.

The LPG tank is concealed and placed behind the cabinet, right below the grill. The grill uses a push-button electronic ignition system and heats up quite fast. It has two heating zones – the inner zone is hotter and can be used for searing while the outer zone can be used for warming and slow-cooking.

Overall78/100starstarstarstarempty star
  • Performance - 75/100
  • Build Quality - 90/100
  • Value for Money - 75/100
  • Warranty - 75/100

The grates are made of 15 pounds of porcelain enameled cast iron and are excellent overall. They maintain an even heat and contribute towards what is an outstanding grilling performance. There is an easy-to-clean residue tray that catches any grease and a lid thermometer rounds off the list of other standard features.

F21C weighs about 73 pounds and will fit inside even very tight spaces. It is made from good-grade solid steel and feels quite sturdy. There are wide locking wheels and two handles on either side. Overall, it is a reasonably portable grill.

The only aspect you may want to note is that this grill has an unhinged lid though you can hang it onto the handles easily. Also, there are no side-tables but given the footprint that’s excusable.Fuego Element F21C genuinely looks like an excellent choice for those with really compact spaces. It doesn’t compromise on quality or performance and comes with a 1-year comprehensive and a 3-year warranty on the stainless steel burner.


  • Compact Footprint
  • Great Performance
  • Build Quality
  • Value for Money


  • No Side Tables

Click to Check Price on Amazon

Best Small Charcoal Grills

1. KamadoJoe KJ13RH Joe Jr – Best Small Charcoal Grill

kamado joe jr

With KamadoJoe Joe Jr you can get the same magical KamadoJoe experience even if you are short on space. Joe Jr is a mirror image of its bigger cousins – the Classic and the Big Joe. All three are designed elegantly and look great.

Just like its bigger cousins, it is built exceptionally well and is pretty sturdy and durable. The cooking grates are constructed from 304 stainless steel, and the back stand comes with sturdy built-in handles. The ashtray is removable and easy to clean.

It is a compact grill and should fit the smallest of the balconies. It spans about 13.5 inches in diameter and offers 148 square inches of the cooking area. It should be enough for cooking 4 to 5 burgers or 2 steaks or one 12-inch pizza at one go. To give you more sense of this grill’s size, a whole chicken should fit in easily.

Overall88/100starstarstarstarhalf star
  • Performance - 95/100
  • Build Quality - 95/100
  • Value for Money - 70/100
  • Warranty - 85/100

It heats up to the required temperature quickly, and thick-walled heat resistant shell retains the heat effectively. The cooking is even, and the meat will keep its flavor. This grill does an incredible job at slow and low cooking.

It comes with a built-in thermometer and a ceramic heat deflector plate which can be used if you want to cook indirectly. It comes mostly pre-assembled and shouldn’t take you more than a few minutes to get it ready. Don’t believe me? Check this awesome unboxing video.

Overall, this grill may look expensive on the first look, but honestly, there are not many small grills on the market that can compete with its stellar performance.

This grill comes with a limited lifetime warranty on the ceramic parts, a 5-year warranty on the metal parts, a 3-year warranty on the heat deflector and the pizza stone and a 1-year warranty on the thermometer and the gaskets.

Overall, this is the grill to go for if you are entering the world of serious BBQing but have some space constraints. If you already have a Big Joe or the Classic, Joe Jr is a great secondary grill. Except for the size, you don’t miss much.


  • Excellent Build Quality
  • Excellent Cooking Performance


  • Price

Click to Check Price on Amazon

If you have space to fit in a bigger grill and don’t mind spending a bit extra, consider upgrading to the KamadoJoe Classic II which offers you a 256 square inches of cooking area.

2. Char-Griller Akorn Jr Kamado Kooker – Best Budget Small Charcoal Grill

char griller akorn junior kamado kooker

If you want a Kamado Grill, but don’t want to spend so much on KamadoJoe, look at Char Griller Akorn Jr Kamado Kooker. It is a sister model to the popular Akorn Kamado grill and brings same great features but at a much better price.

This design follows all the classic Kamado design philosophies. You get that familiar egg-shaped outer shell and the cast iron cooking grates. It is supported by a three-legged stand and can be used on top of a table or the ground. Char-Griller swaps the traditional ceramic with an insulated three-layered metal shell.

Akorn Jr is a compact grill and offers 153 square inches of cooking space. It is almost the same as our top recommendation and will be sufficient for a group size of 2-3 members.

The cooking performance is stunning, especially given the price this grill comes at. The grilling is even, and the heat retention is excellent, probably because of the Kamado design and Char-Griller’s use of a triple-insulated steel shell. Honestly, you will find the food from this grill is as juicy and as tasty as it is from a much more expensive grill.

Overall81/100starstarstarstarhalf star
  • Performance - 85/100
  • Build Quality - 70/100
  • Value for Money - 90/100
  • Warranty - 75/100

This grill comes with two dampers – one each at top and bottom – that help regulate air-flow. The convection design means that you can use this grill as a smoker too, and hence can do without a dedicated smoker. The temperature gauge is integrated, and cleaning is easy thanks to an ash collector at the bottom of the grill.

The grill weighs about 38 pounds so and comes almost completely assembled but expect that you will have to screw in the lid, the handles, and the stand.

What I don’t like about this grill is the quality of its handles and the stands. They are not sturdy and dare I say, a bit flimsy. This grill also has a reputation for fading paint as you use it over time. Char-Griller offers a 1-year overall warranty and a 5-year warranty on the charcoal grill body.

Otherwise, this grill packs a big punch and is still affordable. Honestly, you won’t find many grills beating this one on Value for Money aspect.


  • Value for Money
  • Cast Iron Grates
  • Excellent Cooking Results


  • Flimsy Handles
  • Flimsy Stand

Click to Check Price on Amazon

3. Weber 741001 Original Kettle 22-Inch – Another Great Budget Choice

weber 741001

If you don’t want a Kamado style grill (they are difficult to master for beginners), Weber Original Kettle 22 inch is a great budget option. This apple-shaped pot design from Weber has stood the test of time and will be an excellent choice.

True to Weber’s reputation, this grill is built exceptionally well. The aluminized steel design is rust resistant and high quality but is still light enough to carry around. The bowl is porcelain enameled while the lid and it handles are sturdy. This grill is made to last.

The 22-inch diameter plate offers a generous 363 square inches of cooking area. Even with such generous cooking area, the grill is reasonably compact and only measures 22 inches (length) by 25 inches (width) by 38.5 inches (height).

This grill comes with an aluminum damper that allows you to control the intensity of heat without needing to lift the lid at all. And if you close these dampers completely, you can cut off oxygen flow and extinguish the coals.

Overall88/100starstarstarstarhalf star
  • Performance - 80/100
  • Build Quality - 95/100
  • Value for Money - 90/100
  • Warranty - 95/100

The grates are hinged and are made of heavy-duty plated steel. Hinges make it easy to add charcoal as you don’t need to lift the entire grate off the grill. Usually, plated steel is not as efficient as retaining heat (unlike cast iron grates), but Weber’s air-flow helps counter this effect. The grill has excellent heat retention, and there are no issues with uneven cooking.

The cleaning is easy too as the Original Kettle is equipped with a one-touch cleaning mechanism. When you rotate the handle of the grill, the steel blades at bottom push out the ash to the ash-catcher and make for hassle-free cleanup.

Kettle 22 comes almost pre-assembled, and it won’t take you more than a few minutes to attach the bowl to the lid and put both of them on the stand. Weber provides a 10-year product warranty on this grill, and if you maintain it well, it should last you many more.

In my opinion, this is a great entry level grill that is also an excellent value for money product. Have a look.


  • Excellent Build Quality
  • Generous Cooking Area


  • Steel Grates

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Best Small Electric Grills

1. Weber Q 2400 – Best Electric Grill

weber q2400

Q2400 is Weber’s top-of-line electric grill. It is the largest grill in their Q series line-up but is still compact enough for most apartments.

The cast aluminum body has Weber’s typical ruggedness. The cooking grates are made of cast iron and are coated with porcelain. Construction quality is top-notch. It comes with a sleek black frame, and the overall design is lovely. It is a compact grill with a small footprint that spans 25.1 inches by 31.5 inches by 26 inches. It weighs 43 pounds and should be reasonably portable.

The grill comes with 280 square inches of cooking area and is sufficient for a group of 3 to 4 people. It only takes about 20 minutes to heat up completely, and the insulated aluminum heat liners help retain the heat inside the grill.

The infinite heat control ensures that you can get the exact temperature without much trouble. Overall cooking is consistent, and there are no hotspots. The grilling won’t dry out your food and what you get is perfectly moist and flavorful meat.

Cleaning this grill is straightforward as the grates are porcelain coated and only need a simple wipe down. Unlike most other electric grills, the drip pan that collects all the grease drippings is removable. You can also soak the entire grill overnight in soapy water (of course, once it has to be unplugged for same) to make the cleaning easier.

Overall82/100starstarstarstarhalf star
  • Performance - 75/100
  • Build Quality - 95/100
  • Value for Money - 80/100
  • Warranty - 85/100

Q2400 arrives almost fully assembled, and it shouldn’t take you more than 30 minutes to get this grill in its functioning state. Note that the grill is low profile and you will need either a table or a shelf for it be at a comfortable height. There is no included stand or built-in thermometer though you can buy them separately.

Weber provides a five-year warranty on the aluminum castings and thermoplastic parts (excluding fading), a two-year warranty on the heating elements, the temperature controllers and everything else. This brand produces some of the highest quality grills on the market and Q2400 is no exception.

Q2400 is a good example of excellent craftsmanship and should last you for a fair number of years. It is a perfect starter grill for those who can’t use a gas or a charcoal grill due to local restrictions.


  • Compact
  • Great Performance
  • Great Build Quality


  • No Built-in Thermometer

Click to Check Price on Amazon

You may also consider Weber Q1400. It has a smaller footprint, comes with 189 square inches of cooking area and should be cheaper than Q2400.

2. Char-Broil TRU Infrared Patio Bistro – Runner-up, Best Electric Grill

char broil tru infrared patio bistro

Char-Broil Tru Infrared Patio Bistro 240, in my opinion, is the amongst the best small electric grills on the market right now. It is compact enough to fit on most balconies and can still cook for up to 4 people.

It weighs about 54 pounds and has a small footprint with its dimensions being 25.6 x 39.8 x 39.8 inches. The design will remind you of a classic kettle grill, and it looks beautiful in red. Though, if you don’t like red, there are black and grey options too.

It gives a 240 square inches of the cooking area which is complemented by 80 square inches of warming rack. You will be able to grill about eight burgers simultaneously which is just enough for a small family. The grill is easy to use, and the precision dial helps you control the temperature to a fair degree of accuracy.

The grates are made of porcelain coated steel but the heating is even, and there are no hotspots as such. In my opinion, the overall grilling performance is impressive for an electric grill.

Though it is an electric grill, the TRU infrared is supposed to mimic how a real flame radiates heat throughout the food. It may sound like a gimmick but it works well, and the meat genuinely comes out flavorful and moist. Note that if you are planning to operate this grill in cold weather, the grill temperature will experience a drop every time you leave the lid open for a long time. Take this into account if you live in a cold area.

Overall78/100starstarstarstarempty star
  • Performance - 78/100
  • Build Quality - 75/100
  • Value for Money - 85/100
  • Warranty - 75/100

Because this is an electric grill, it is safe to use on balconies as well as in small patios without the risk of any fires. Electric grills are also easier to clean and are more convenient as you don’t have to worry about the charcoal or the gas remnants. You still have to worry about cleaning the grates and the grease trays, but with this model that part is easy too – the grates are porcelain coated and only need a wipe while the grease tray is detachable and can be removed easily.

It is portable and with two wheels on the back, can be easily carted from your storage room to your balcony or patio. Side shelves and a storage rack round off the list of standard features. It is easy to assemble too and shouldn’t take more than 60 minutes.

Char-Broil offers a 2-year warranty on the firebox and the lid and a 1-year warranty on the other parts.

It is a reasonably good choice if you have a small family and can’t use a gas grill or a charcoal grill due to the lack of space. Consider this if the Weber model, I recommended above, is not cutting it for you.


  • Compact
  • Even Heating


  • Loses Heat with Open Lid

Click to Check Price on Amazon

3. George Foreman GGR50B – Best Cheap Electric Grill

George Forman’s GGR50B comes at a lovely price and can be used either indoor on a counter-top or outdoors on a pedestal. It is compact but powerful, and you may almost be surprised at how much it offers at how little a cost.

It heats up quickly and takes about 20 minutes to get to the max temperature. The cooking area is about 240 square inches and has enough space for a small-mid sized family.

There is a slit in the center of the surface top which is designed to slope a bit. This slope helps drain the grease and fat away from the meat and into the grease tray. The food is evenly cooked and retains its moisture and tastes juicy and yummy.

Note that the temperature gauge on this grill doesn’t give you specific temperature readings. It, instead, has levels from 1 to 5, and you may have to buy a digital thermometer separately if you are a fan of knowing the exact temperatures.

Overall71/100starstarstarstarempty star
  • Performance - 65/100
  • Build Quality - 65/100
  • Value for Money - 90/100
  • Warranty - 70/100

GGR50B is designed to make the post BBQ cleaning very easy. The grill plate is removable and can be washed in a sink. The grilling surface is non-stick, and the debris literally falls off. Alternatively, you can also use a wet towel to wipe off the grill plate after it has cooled down.

GGR50B comprises of three pieces – the pedestal, the bowl, and the lid and should take you less than 20 minutes to put together. You can use your grill indoors on a tabletop as the pedestal (or the stand) is optional (Indoor grilling is a good idea for those windy winter months when the idea of grilling outside may not be as appealing).

It weighs about 21 pounds and has a relatively small footprint (22.2 inches by 20.5 inches by 13 inches). It is a top-heavy grill though, and you may run into occasional stability issues on windy days.

It doesn’t have many bells and whistles, but it is efficient and won’t set you back by much. It comes with a 1-year warranty against any workmanship defects.

This model is worth a look if you want a beginner and a budget-friendly electric grill.


  • Value for Money
  • Easy to clean
  • Removable Stand


  • No Thermometer

Click to Check Price on Amazon

So, this is it. I hope that I have been able to help you with your purchase decision. Please feel free to leave a comment here if you have any clarifications or questions.

Thank you for reading, and if you have a friend or a family member who is looking for a small grill, please share this guide with them. It helps them, and it encourages me to produce more.

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